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What is the best country for Studying Medicine Abroad

What is the best country for studying medicine abroad? 

Medicine is one of the most sought-after disciplines around the world. It is also safe to say that medical students have to face a lot of pressure during their academic years because of an excessive amount of studies. Choosing an excellent medical university is extremely important to enhance your professional career. Over the past few years, students have shown a keen interest in pursuing medicine abroad. More than 40,000 medical students take admission in the universities of the US annually. The US has become the top destination for international students to study medicine abroad. 

Most of the top-ranked universities in the world in medicine and healthcare are located in the United States of America. Over the past few years, various universities in the US have given some of the best healthcare professionals in the world. Remarkable results and research facilities are why the US has become the top priority for studying medicine abroad.

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How is the US different from other countries?

The criteria for pursuing a medical degree in the US differs significantly from other countries. Unlike other countries, not everyone in the US is eligible to pursue a degree in the field of pharmaceuticals. Also, getting a seat in the top universities of the US is quite competitive because of low seat allotment. A degree in medicine and pharmacy is offered at a post-graduate level. So to be able to pursue a medical degree, students need to first complete their bachelor's in four years. In these foundation years of the bachelor's degree, students must earn enough credit points in the field of biology in organic chemistry that qualifies them to pursue a postgraduate degree.

International students must understand that studying medicine abroad differs from pursuing the same degree in their country. This is why it is important to get acquainted with the customs of the USA to not  face any problems further. Students are now also encouraged to score high marks in the subjects of English, Science and Psychology in their bachelor's degree. This is how studying medicine abroad differs from studying medicine in your own country.

Requirements for studying medicine in the US

First, it is essential to understand that every medical college has different requirements. Some medical colleges focus on academics, while others also focus on your extracurriculars and have a holistic way of selection. But overall, if you look at the typical pattern of medical colleges, it wouldn't be wrong to say that academics are an essential part of the selection process for medical colleges. It is important to score good grades in your high school and bachelor's degree. Students must also have the following documents.

  1. Mark sheets
  2. Letter of recommendation
  3. Extracurricular certificates
  4. Statement of purpose
  5. Pre Med Degree with 3.3 GPA
  6. IELTS
  7. MCAT with 510 or above

Studying medicine abroad for international students can be an awakening and challenging journey. But it is essential to understand that all of this hard work contributes a lot to the professional career of an individual and helps them in achieving all the desired goals. 

Process of completing your Medicine studies in the USA

Since students can pursue Medicine in the USA at only Postgraduate level known as MD (Doctor of Medicine) you need to complete 4 years of undergraduate in science containing basic subjects such as biology, organic chemistry, psychology, calculus etc. and take an MCAT exam in the 4th year of your UG degree and then enter in the medical school to further finish your 4 years of MD degree passing USMLE exams. The minimum duration to complete MD is 8 years and then you apply for residency to start your specialization which could take between 3 to 8 years to finish.

Study MD in 5 years through Integrated Route (Alternate Route)

By now you might think that you need to invest over a decade to become a doctor through the standard route. But there is an option for international students to complete their MD program right after high school completion without requiring a pre-med and MCAT which can save 4 years of time & cost for that period. This integrated MD program is USMLE curriculum ready program which means you don’t need to take any extra tutoring and you could become a specialist physician in 8 years’ time through this integrated MD program where as you would only complete MD in 8 years’ time through the standard admission route. This integrated MD program is offered by universities through Caribbean pathway and it’s important to select the right school where you can make your dream come true. 

Pros of studying in the US

Although studying for a medical degree in the US comes with many challenges, including high competition, academic pressure, and the high cost of education, it is still worth it. Medicine as a discipline in the US is very holistic and unconventional, where students study many subjects that they otherwise do not learn in their curriculum. Students are encouraged to become healthcare professionals that care for the people and are driven to serve society. 

Healthcare professionals are the core of any society which is why they must be provided with the best educational facilities. This is what a student can get in the US. Also, the career prospects after you study medicine abroad in a country like the US are a lot more versatile. Many students are not aware that residency period is where you do your specialization and it is salaried in the USA where the median salary is around USD $ 60,000 and keep increasing as you progress.


In the end, it depends on you as a student whether you want to explore your career opportunities by getting into an international university or not. Choosing a university is a crucial decision in your life, and it is essential to be completely decisive about this selection. 

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