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About ACT

The ACT is a paper-based admission exam that lasts for two hours and 55 minutes. It is required by all colleges and institutions in the US to assess applicants' readiness for a higher education. Even though the importance of your ACT score varies from college to college, ACT still has a lot to offer because, for a minimal fee, you get a good combination of crucial elements, including an admissions test, course placement, and career planning, which helps you stand out to the top scholarship organisations in the nation.

ACT classes in India

Many of our students want to know whether the ACT is "better" than the SAT or the opposite. Actually, the ACT is designed for individuals who can handle a large amount of data quickly and who are typically strong in the science subject. The SAT, on the other hand, is for individuals who excel in math as well as grammar and textual analysis.

However, a lot of students approach the ACT the same way they would the SAT because they believe both exams are the same, which causes them to receive a much lower score than they think. At GoToUniversity, we have more than ten years of experience in successfully preparing students for the ACT. GoToUniversity has provided ACT preparation to students in the UAE and assisted them in getting accepted into major US universities. GoToUniversity is one of the top ACT Coaching facilities in India.

The team of professionals at GoToUniversity makes sure you receive individualised assistance with problem-solving and recognizing your areas of improvement in ACT preparation. The lengthy list of excellent testimonials our former students, who are/have been students of all the major universities in the US or Canada, have made on our website is proof of our involvement in making sure you obtain your ideal ACT scores

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ACT Classes

Our Advantages

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ACT Preparation

Our Advantages

gtu classInteractive And Live Classes via Zoom
gtu classFace To Face Offline Classes
gtu classBlended Classes for Immediate Test Takers
gtu classPrivate Tutoring
gtu classBest Trainers with 99 percentile score
gtu classCustomized Classes to meet individual needs
gtu classSmall Batch Size
gtu class10,000+ students successfully trained
gtu classStudents score around 99 percentile
gtu classUpdated Learning Resources

Our Successful Methodology

1. Free ACT Counseling Sesssion

2. Free ACT Diagnostic Test

3. Review Test Result With Expert Trainers

4. ACT Clasroom Training

5. ACT Remedial session

6. Mock Test & Review session Before Exam

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Online ACT classes in India

Selecting the top ACT coaching provider is crucial if you want to take the exam and enrol in US or Canadian universities. It is suggested that you get in touch with the online ACT classes in India offered by GoToUniversity to get the top coaching and study materials. You can get accepted to the university of your choice if your ACT score is satisfactory enough. read more

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