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Study Abroad Consultants in Pune

Best Overseas Education Consultants in Pune

Study Abroad Consultants in Pune

Pune is one of the most progressive cities in India. It has always been the centre of innovation, art, and education. Students from Pune in the past few years have shown an exceedingly high interest in studying abroad. Every year, thousands of students from Pune move to foreign countries to study abroad. This means there is a huge demand for top overseas education consultants in Pune. GoTo University is the right partner for students who want to study abroad. We guide our students to build exceptional college applications to stand out from the other candidates. We believe that getting selected for the university of choice is an overall output of academic excellence, extracurriculars, and essay writing. We have a very pervasive approach when it comes to applying to universities, which is why 99% of the students can get into the universities of their choice. We keep an eye on deadlines for universities and scholarships, give guidance regarding application building and extracurriculars, and provide counselling for the best available scholarships to students

Perks of studying abroad

There are numerous perks to studying abroad. These include exposure, making new friends, getting new experiences, travelling to different places, and many more. But one of the most important things out of all the benefits that you will read online is the fact that studying abroad is the need of the hour. Especially after the pandemic, people have realised that it is important to get the kind of education that is feasible in the long run. One needs to study courses that will stay relevant in the coming 20 years to save oneself from any unprecedented economic or social crisis. This is why one must choose to study abroad to secure their future and grow without any obstacles.

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Why should you choose a study abroad consultant?

The whole process of studying abroad can be extremely stressful and overwhelming for students. This is why it is extremely important to have some professional guidance by your side, which makes the whole journey more seamless and compact. GoToUniversity, as a study abroad consultant in Pune, has a straightforward yet impactful goal: to provide a platform that connects students with universities, empowering the students to make the right choice with minimum effort while providing universities with constant updates on students' needs and the latest trends. Students who are interested in finding a good education consultant in Pune for studying medicine in the UK can contact us today.

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Our Services

At GoTo University, the team treats every student as part of their family. Our consultants are highly generous and professional in their approach. It doesn't matter what course you want to pursue in what part of the world; GoTo University will ensure all your dreams come true. We help students shortlist universities, followed by shortlisting courses, and then apply to these universities with a robust application that enhances their chances of getting selected. We started our journey in 2011 and have more than a decade of industry experience. Our primary motive is to help young teenagers get genuine consulting services and get into the university of their choice. We feature information about more than 4000 universities on our website and list more than 200,000 courses. By just having a glance at our website, you can get an idea of the kind of services that we provide.

Admission Services

Because of our experience collaborating with various universities, we make it easy for students to get into their dream universities. Also, course selection becomes much easier with our team, which is very futuristic in its course selection approach. Our website features advanced AI tools, including the University Finder, where you can set specific filters to find the university that caters to your requirements. The Compare University tool compares multiple universities in terms of their infrastructure, ranking, and quality of education. We have helped more than 6,000 students successfully in the study abroad process, and we take a lot of pride in saying that most of the students associated with us leave highly satisfied. We have a very sustainable way of working, which is why we are among the best top overseas education consultants in Pune.

Scholarship Services

GoTo University believes that money should never be a factor that stops students from studying abroad. This is why we believe that students must be able to avail themselves of all the available financial benefits. We provide extensive help to the students getting scholarships to support their total expenses. With the help of our website, which lists more than 4000 scholarships and provides detailed information related to them, you can find scholarships as per your programmes or the universities that you have chosen. You can also find the respective deadlines and eligibility criteria for the same, which will help you in applying. Consultants also guide you through the scholarship process to ensure you get an exemplary scholarship.

Visa and Interview Services

We offer consultancy services for almost all the top study-abroad destinations. Students have been successfully studying in countries like Australia, Germany, France, the USA, the UK, and many other countries worldwide. Our visa consultancy services are one of the many services offered by going to university. We make sure that the visa application process takes place on time so that there is no delay in visa acceptance. To the students who want to take preparation courses for visa interviews, we have got your back. We provide all sorts of preparation courses with our sister institute, Brighter Education, to students who are looking for similar services.

Our Successful Methodology

1. Free Counseling Session with our Consultants

2. Profile Evaluation and Development

3. Country Guidance (Admission Process, Costs, Progression to PG etc)

4. Guidance on Standardized Tests and Strategies to Ace

5. Guidance on Curriculum and Subject Selection

6. Selection of Universities based on Entry Requirements

7. University Application Deadlines

8. Interview Preparation

9. Visa & Accommodation Guidance

10. Assistance for PG Process

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Our Services


Interview Prep

Our consultants will prepare you for the interviews through multiple mock interviews and feedback sessions.

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Essay Reviewing

Our team of professional editors who are graduates from top universities will review and edit your essays to meet the university standards.

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Recommendation Letter

We help you choose the right academic and non-academic recommenders based on your program requirements.

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Profile Evaluation

We analyze your interests, skills, personal characteristics, and goals to judge your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant to identify gaps in your profile.

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Resume Building

We develop a customized roadmap to build your profile considering merits of your career goals. Profile building includes summer school programs, internships, doctor shadowing, extra-curricular and other activities.

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University Selection

We help you shortlist universities, programs, and countries considering your long term goals, and core strengths.

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Standardized Tests

We advise you to take the right standardized tests, and English language proficiency test for the programs that you apply.

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Essay Conceptualizing

Writing college essays is one of the crucial parts of your application. Our consultants will brainstorm with you to analyze and conceptualize the relevant experiences of your story to portray to the university.

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Universities Where Our Students Are Placed

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