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Study Abroad Consultants in Mumbai

Best Overseas Education Consultants in Mumbai

Study Abroad Consultants in Mumbai

Nowadays, students want to explore the world and unlock their true potential. Studying abroad is not only a way to unlock your hidden capabilities, but it also helps you get some of the best life experiences. Getting good experiences is the essence of a happy life.

Only a highly experienced and professional team in the field can provide you with the right guidance. GoTo University is the right partner for your study abroad journey. You can unlock your true potential with the help of our experts, who have been in the field for numerous years and carry precious experience that can augment your whole study abroad journey. We have been successfully able to offer services to students from around the world, including countries like the USA, UAE, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, UK, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Ireland, South Africa, Kenya, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and many more. 99% of the students who partnered with us can enter the university of their choice. We believe that a systematic and well-thought-out plan can help you get into the university of your choice, no matter how impossible it may seem initially. GoTo University is one of the top overseas education consultants in Mumbai.

Perks of studying abroad

Studying abroad is a very strengthening experience in terms of personal growth and development. The way the whole journey contributes to your character development is unparalleled. As an international student, you gain a global perspective on the world. It frees you of all sorts of inhibitions, and you become a global citizen. Making friends from around the world enhances your network, which further helps you in your professional career. Also, as an international student, you get to become a part of the most wonderful programmes in the world. International universities provide dynamic and versatile courses that are otherwise very difficult to find.

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Why should you choose a study abroad consultant?

Many people feel that a study abroad consultant is not relevant in today's period when information related to almost everything is available on the web. But the whole process is tedious and meticulous if one doesn't have the right direction. Shortlisting a university for yourself is the initial obstacle in the study abroad journey that disturbs a lot of students. Every university looks attractive from the outside. Every university will also offer you so many courses that they will seem perfect. But it requires a lot of in-depth research to finally conclude and select the right universities and courses for yourself. This is when a study abroad consultant can help you.

Not only does it save a lot of time, but the probability of choosing a better university and courses increases with the help of a study abroad consultant. GoTo University is one of the best study abroad consultants in Mumbai, and there is a reason why we have lasted so long in the market despite it being so competitive. Most of our consultants have been ex-officers at some of the leading universities in the world. Being a part of these institutions has acquainted them with the selection process and the details involved. This is the very reason why we can guide you intricately through your journey and provide you with everything that you need during the process.

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Our Services

For a very long time, GoTo University has been a significant player in the field. With the most reasonable price range and the top facilities in the world at your doorstep, the team is incredibly professional. Delhi, Dubai, and Sharjah all host offices for GoTo University. They are among the most significant top overseas education consultants in Mumbai, and you can contact them by phone or on their website. We offer a very flexible approach to all our students and avoid any stringency when it comes to providing services. We also organise frequent webinars to educate students regarding studying abroad and gaining knowledge about this world. We provide admission services, visa services, test preparation services, and interview preparation services to our students at nominal prices

Admission Services

We have successfully gotten our students into the world's top universities, including Ivy League schools, MIT, Georgia Institute of Technology, and many more. We understand that every student is different, so we offer customised services to our students. We work closely not only with the student but with the whole family to understand the psychological narrative and work accordingly. We also understand that while selecting a university, students have multifaceted demands, including security, accommodation, and location preferences. We also pay a lot of attention to profile building so that the chances of getting rejected are as minimal as possible. All of this can be sorted with the help of GoToUniversity which is the best study abroad consultant in Mumbai.

Scholarship Services

If you are a student who wants to apply for a scholarship at an international university, our team can help you. Almost all the students associated with us have been able to get some scholarship that helps them with the total cost of studying abroad. We work closely with the students to help them apply for all sorts of available scholarships. Our website also features a detailed list of all the possible scholarships that students can avail of to subsidise the total cost of education. Students can check whether they are eligible before applying to save time with the help of our website.

Visa and Interview Services

Other than admission services, scholarship services, and internship services, we also provide visa services to all our students. We provide a variety of counselling facilities related to different countries, including Germany, the USA, the UK, Canada, Russia, China, and many more. You can book an appointment with our consultants to learn more. With the help of GoTo University, a best study abroad consultant in Delhi, no student will have to experience any delay in their visa process. We have a very high visa acceptance rate, even for countries like the USA, the UK, and Germany that are generally difficult to go to.

Our Successful Methodology

1. Free Counseling Session with our Consultants

2. Profile Evaluation and Development

3. Country Guidance (Admission Process, Costs, Progression to PG etc)

4. Guidance on Standardized Tests and Strategies to Ace

5. Guidance on Curriculum and Subject Selection

6. Selection of Universities based on Entry Requirements

7. University Application Deadlines

8. Interview Preparation

9. Visa & Accommodation Guidance

10. Assistance for PG Process

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Our Services


Interview Prep

Our consultants will prepare you for the interviews through multiple mock interviews and feedback sessions.

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Essay Reviewing

Our team of professional editors who are graduates from top universities will review and edit your essays to meet the university standards.

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Recommendation Letter

We help you choose the right academic and non-academic recommenders based on your program requirements.

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Profile Evaluation

We analyze your interests, skills, personal characteristics, and goals to judge your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant to identify gaps in your profile.

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Resume Building

We develop a customized roadmap to build your profile considering merits of your career goals. Profile building includes summer school programs, internships, doctor shadowing, extra-curricular and other activities.

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University Selection

We help you shortlist universities, programs, and countries considering your long term goals, and core strengths.

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Standardized Tests

We advise you to take the right standardized tests, and English language proficiency test for the programs that you apply.

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Essay Conceptualizing

Writing college essays is one of the crucial parts of your application. Our consultants will brainstorm with you to analyze and conceptualize the relevant experiences of your story to portray to the university.

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Universities Where Our Students Are Placed

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