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Study medicine in Ireland

Study medicine in Ireland | Study MBBS in Ireland

Ireland is known for its great medical programmes and colleges. Medical graduates from various Irish universities can land the best residency programmes around the world. Students can study medicine in Ireland and enjoy the same facilities as all the universities in the US or UK. six medical colleges in Ireland offer medical programs to international students. Students can apply to all six medical schools through university portals. Also, one must attach all the supporting documents like a statement of purpose, mark sheets, and a letter of recommendation along with the application.

Commonly it takes around 6 years to study medicine in Ireland. Students can apply directly after high school or can also apply during their final year of graduation for a graduate entry program for 4 years. This means that Ireland allows students at various stages to study medicine. The medium of instruction is English in most Irish universities. So you will not face any language barrier. Also, the degrees are recognised throughout the world so you can practise medicine anywhere you want. It takes around six years to complete your MBBS degree in Ireland. This includes five years of coursework and one year of internship. You will first have to complete your bachelor's degree and then enrol in specialization.

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The average yearly tuition fee to study medicine in Ireland is 30,000-50,000 EUR. Some of the top specialisations opted by students in Ireland are Pathology, Dentistry, Radiology, Paediatrics, Anatomy, Neuroscience, and Obstetrics.

Over the years, many students have decided to study MBBS in Ireland and the number has been increasing exponentially. The quality of life, experienced faculty and high quality of education are some of the prime reasons why so many international students come to Ireland for higher education.

Eligibility criteria to study medicine in Ireland

Most medical colleges in Ireland have similar eligibility criteria, some institutions in particular might have specific conditions. Let's look at the eligibility criteria to study medicine in Ireland.

  1. High school certificate with minimum 90% marks in physics, chemistry and biology. Some universities give preference to the combination of physics, chemistry and mathematics.
  2. NEET exam is not required for Indian students. But if you want to return to India after your Medical studies then its advisable to qualify NEET before you start your studies in Ireland.
  3. Language proficiency test. Students can submit any of these test scores- PTE, TOEFL and IELTS. A minimum of 7 IELTS bands are required in all sections.
  4. Letter of recommendation and statement of purpose and also important. If you have any achievements in extracurricular activities, then that can also be helpful in your selection. Medical colleges in Ireland follow a holistic way of selection. So it is important to focus on the overall application rather than just your grades and academic achievements.

Top universities to study medicine in Ireland

Let's look at the top colleges in Ireland to study medicine.

  1. Trinity College Dublin
  2. Royal College Surgeons
  3. National University of Ireland Galway
  4. University College Dublin
  5. University of Limerick
  6. Royal college of surgeons in ireland

Cost of studying medicine in Ireland

Cost is one of the most important factors for international students when deciding the country to study medicine. Medicine is generally an expensive degree  which is why it costs more to study medicine. But the return on investment is great for a medical degree. You can expect to spend somewhere between €35,000 to €80,000 annually on your tuition fees.

The cost of living can be somewhere around €7000 to €12,000 depending upon the area that you are living and the kind of lifestyle you have. You can always reduce your total expenditure by working part-time and also applying for various scholarships and student aid offered by the university and the government.

Career Opportunities

Finishing their education, students have a choice to either continue with their studies or start practising medicine. Since an Internship is an important part of studying medicine in Ireland, students get real-life working experience during this time. On average a physician in Island can earn up to €77,000 annually. An Anesthesiologist can earn up to €50,000 annually. A gynaecologist makes €65,000 annually.

Overall, it is a very positive experience to study MBBS in Ireland. You can choose to study among any of the top medical colleges in Ireland. For more career guidance and information related to studying medicine in Ireland, you can contact GoTo university. Our education consultants can explain to you everything related to studying medicine in Ireland and how you can have a seamless experience of getting admission and settling in a foreign country.

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