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Study medicine in the Czech Republic

Study medicine in the Czech Republic | Study MBBS in Czech Republic

Most of the Czech universities have an indisputable reputation in Europe. Students from the most developed parts of the world also come to the Czech Republic to pursue their medical degrees. Students from countries like Norway, Germany, India, South Korea, Japan, and Poland make up the international student population in the country. Students who study medicine from the Czech Republic can practice as healthcare professionals anywhere in the world by meeting the licensing requirements. Degrees from the universities of the Czech Republic are globally recognised. In some countries, you might have to give an extra exam to get licensed but otherwise the degrees are valid everywhere.

Many universities in the Czech Republic teach medicine and dentistry to students in the English language. Studying medicine in the Czech Republic is the best option for students who are not able to get into the top universities in the US and the UK. Also, you can save a lot of your money as the Czech Republic is an affordable option.

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The general medicine program in the Czech Republic takes up to 6 years to be completed. You can complete a degree in pharmacy or dentistry in five years at a Czech university. Students might have to give entrance exams for some universities for which they can take a free medical course for preparation. You can simply purchase the course from the official website of the various universities of the Czech Republic. The course will help you in understanding the syllabus of the entrance exam and help you prepare for the same. Students need to speak the language of the Czech Republic to be able to get into one of the universities.

Entry-level requirements to study medicine in the Czech Republic

  1. Students must have their high school degrees from a recognised institute. It is also important for students to clear the entrance examinations followed by an interview to be able to study MBBS in the Czech Republic. The students who have exceptional grades on SATs might get an exemption.
  2. It is also important to have studied physics, chemistry and biology in your high school.
  3. You will also need to submit a personal statement and a letter of recommendation.
  4. You will have to submit your IELTS or TOEFL score.
  5. Any achievement in the extracurricular field will also be appreciated.

Advantages of studying medicine in the Czech Republic

There are a lot of advantages for students who decide to study MBBS in the Czech Republic. Let's look at these.

  1. The cost to study medicine in the Czech Republic is a lot more affordable than other countries around the world. Both the tuition fees and the living expenses were under the budget.
  2. Czech Universities have an excellent USMLE passing rate.
  3. The Czech Republic is an extremely safe country. Both male and female students will not have to face any kind of discrimination or a sense of safety while studying in the country.
  4. The Czech Republic follows a very rigorous curriculum when it comes to medicine as a discipline. A lot of focus is given to research and hands-on training so that you become a good healthcare professional after your studies are over.

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Best universities to study medicine in the Czech Republic

Let's look at some of the top institutes to study MBBS in the Czech Republic.

  1. Charles University
  2. Ostrava University
  3. Palacky University
  4. Masaryk University

Cost of studying medicine in the Czech Republic

On average students can expect to spend USD$15,000- USD$18,000 annually on tuition fees to study medicine in the Czech Republic. The cost of living can range from US$100-US$300 annually. This may vary on the type of accommodation you take and the amount of money you spend on food and transportation. To minimise the total cost of studying medicine in the Czech Republic, you can apply for various scholarships and financial aid offered by the government and the universities.

For more information, you can contact go to university. Our education consultants have years of experience in the field of education and guide you towards the right direction. If you want to know more about how to study MBBS in the Czech Republic, you can book an appointment with us today. We are one of the best education consultants in Delhi.

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